Diamonds- A amount of a man’s love


The phrase diamond originally came from the Greek phrase “adamao,” meaning “I tame” or “I subdue”. It was end changed to “adamas” to describe the hardest substance avowed to nature, this case meaning un

Diamonds- A symbol of a man’s love

Diamonds- A symbol of a man's love

The name diamond originally came from the Greek interval “adamao,” meaning “I tame” or “I subdue”. It was end changed to “adamas” to chronicle the hardest substance proclaimed to nature, this case meaning unconquered or invincible

Today, the diamond stands for wealth, status, durability, brilliance, and peerless quality.

Throughout man’s history, it has further been pertinent to magic, healing, shelter and invulnerability But perhaps the diamond today is boon known as a symbol of enduring and timeless love

In elderly times, the diamond has been believed to possess transcedental powers, moulding anyone victorious against any quantity of enemies if they wear the brilliant on their left arm

In ancient India, they were symbolic of divinity so these stones were used as the eyes of Hindu devotional statues

In Roman times, it was used as a medicinal aid, to protect rail poison, insanity and unfounded fears During the 15th century, diamonds were reserved only for kings, worn as a cipher of their tenacity and invincibility.

But all these came to gorge when Maximillian I, Archduke of Austria, gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ball during their betrothal It was then that the diamond occupation globe was born, a man’s symbolic facility of unwavering heart and fidelity for his bride-to-be

Other early examples of these diamond engagement or connubial jewelry include the Bridal Crowne of Blanche and the Heftlein brooch of Vienna.

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Even how the diamond ring is worn is symbolic, rising from a idea dating back to elderly times It is average method to wear your diamond job or married orb on the third finger of the left hand

This is due to an Egyptian notion that vena amoris or vein of feelings ran directly from the centre to the best of the third finger

And for millions of folks across the globe, this piece of brilliant brilliance that they can gawk upon on their or their partner’s worker echoes their affection for one another

And no wonder the diamond is symbolic of nuptial and commitment, for we deprivation to feel that that merit of immortal confederation is counterpart only to the durability and invincibility of a diamond gem

A diamond is forever, as that important De Beers slogan goes That tagline is what actually prompted the rampant popularity of diamonds as final digit of love

Their creative advertising campaign, which started in 1938, is one of the most successful and innovative marketing campaigns of the 20th century Ironically, it was triggered by the sudden supply of the big amounts of diamonds from South Africa, which flooded the market.

The De Beers Company enlisted advertising agency NW Ayer to assistance produce demand in the peddle and hype for diamonds, while further smartly manipulating and governing the peddle price, as they hold midpoint 90% of diamond mines in the world.

Nevertheless, diamonds are the unwavering symbols of love, commitment and devotion, expensive gemstones that parallel the worth of a loved one’s priceless “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

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