Taking care of your diamond jewelry


Diamonds are everybodys priced possessions and thus force ordinary care and cleaning. To obtain your exorbitant pieces clean, sparkling and dazzling you dearth to preserve them from potential harm

Taking care of your diamond jewelry

Taking care of your diamond jewelry

When not being worn, store your diamond jewelry in separate compartments in your jewelry pannier Store each comrade diamond piece separately as being the hardest fan diamonds can scrape each other. It is correct to cubby-hole each piece in succulent cotton or a silk cloth.

Diamond rings and diamond earrings, regularly worn, need recur cleaning to void the film caused by, cosmetics, soap, and sore oil that may cloud the ring’s charm Diamonds posses an bond to accrue oils and dirt during normal activity Thus it is recommended to always remove your diamond rings before engaging yourself in household chores

A uncommonly few colored gemstones, such as kunzite, may decline due to prolonged exposure in the sunlight Thus make sure you retain such gemstones away from conclusive irradiate sources

A beer soap and bedew solution used with a delicate brush is effective for many home jewelry care needs Dont use any desperate commercial detergent to clean your jewelry A home solution of one share lager detergent, one allocation household ammonia, and three parts bedew acts as an effective cleaning agent.

Jewelry prongs should be checked regularly and cleaned with a delicate brush to carry out the dirt particles stuck in the wired prongs

To enjoy years of pleasurable wear just put scarcely efforts to sterile your diamond jewelry and be the one to dazzle at every occasion

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