Physical Gold Vs ETFs- Which one should you pick?


Lets look at the peak and safest ways to invest in Gold

Physical Gold Vs ETFs- Which one should you pick?

Physical Gold Vs ETFs- Which one should you pick?

While Gold prices retain dropped by Rs.10,000 as on Feb 2021, the most obvious question that comes to attitude is

Is it the amend time to buy Gold?

Our sensation to this is that, it is not about when you buy it, somewhat it depends on how you buy it

Lets look at the two paramount ways to purchase Gold in India:

1) Physical gold via jewelry or coins

2) Gold shared reserves or ETFs

Why torment about the earth of Gold you purchase?

If the purpose is consumption, for e.g, a wedding, you should buy gold physically

But if you are looking to accumulate gold for time for the matrimonial of your young or for investment purposes, you should consider buying gold ETFs

Buying gold is a hassle

You keep to assessment numerous things before buying gold jewelry or gold coins such as hallmark certificates for purity and physically look for an choose the fix piece which suits your needs There is then a 20%-30% manufacture implicate involved. In comparison buying gold via an ETF is as innocent as buying any other shared fund You can even buy equitable 1 quantity of gold whereas even the smallest piece of jewelry weighs a minimum of 4 grams

Gold ETFs are succinct and tender liquefiable

The only cost investors keep to consider when buying gold ETFs is a little fund rule earnings of around 1%. ETFs can be young sold back at prevailing hawk rates In comparison, when selling physical gold in the peddle you structure to duck up to 25-30% of your initial investment as forging charges are discounted for and typically jewelers buy back gold at 2-3% unbefitting prevailing vend rates

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Tax benefits

After an ownership word of 3 years, physical gold attracts wealth impost and VAT, neither of which happens when you have ETFs.

Storage is expensive

Buyers absence to find innoxious physical storage such as bank lockers to scullery their gold and this may prove expensive But for Gold ETF, storage is taken care of by the fund Investors hug the gold ETFs in a demat account, and dont absence to tease about its preventive as in the point of physical gold

Quality Assurance of Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs are backed by gold of 99.5% purity, so investors can be buoyant about the level of gold

Do not be misled into purchasing the wrong hole of Gold Do consider your investment purpose carefully before heading out to purchase the illuminated metal

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